How to become a ninja - Book

How to become a ninja - Book


Twenty never before published photos and
techniques omitted from the original publication by unscrupulous publishers and literary agents who continue to market pirate copies in sixteen countries.
Enter the shadowy world of espionage as taught since ancient time s to the mystic warriors of the night-the Ninja!

An anonymous agent of a rival clan, assigned to infiltrate and report, takes you inside Ashida Kim's Training Camp to experience the secret training given only to select recruits of the covert Ninja brotherhood.
Here you will learn the five elements of ambush techniques, escaping from armed sentries, evasion of an enemy's attack through Ukemi, the Art of Falling Safely, battling with the most basic of weapons and useful of survival tools, the Shinobi-Zue, Ninja Walking Staff.
You'll move undetected in the field after mastering the arts of invisibility- cover, concealment, and camouflage. Plus, all the necessary survival skills for a covert Ninja operating alone in the field:  finding water, providing shelter, hunting food, making fires, improvised cooking, astral navigation, and constructing secret caches and hideaways. Here is a dramatic first person account of four days of undercover high adventure, as well as in depth instruction for the serious student of the Silent Way, NINJITSU.