Imperial Phoenix Liniment - 2 oz

* Imperial Phoenix Liniment - 2 oz

.-Imperial Phoenix-Fire Training When beginning a finger toughening program the Imperial Phoenix formula is used. With serious and dedicated practice, this ancient formula can help transform and ordinary hand into a powerful weapon that can rip like a claw, pierce like a spear or grip like a talon.

Imperial Phoenix is a 'shao yang' activator which means that it generates strong heat to open and purify the acupuncture meridian's while protecting the hand against the strain of impact. It works on both the physical and energetic level. Physically it increases the blood circulation to flush damaged cells and prevent callusing.

Energetically, it brings up extra Wei Chi energy to protect. Imperial Phoenix should be used for a minimum of 1 - 1 1/2 years. This is the #1 hot liniment for serious hand training schools