Kung Fu Chain Whips

Kung Fu Chain Whip

Light Weight Wushu Kung Fu Chain Whip - 9 Section
This light weight wushu nine section chain whip is specially made for speed and quick movements, for performances or competition in the tournaments. It is also good for beginners to start learning with this flexible weapon before they advance to the real thing. This light weight chain is imported from Hebei Province in China where the majority of modern wushu weapons are made. The whip is constructed with chrome plated cold rolled steel. The tip of the handle has two swivels for the chain to spin smoothly.  Note: Handle is not wrapped for lightweight chain whip.

Overall length 53.5”, handle length 4”, links 3.25” tip section 3.75”. Total Weight 0.90 lbs.

Medium Weight Nine Section Chain Whip
This chain whip is also made in Hebei Province but has slightly more weight added. The additional weight improves your training by building up the arm’s power, thus enabling you to improve your speed and balance. This chain whip is recommended for use in Traditional styles and good for intermediate level.

Overall length 57.5”, handle length 4”, links 3.75”, tip section 3.25”. Weight 1.35 lbs.

Heavy Weight Nine Section Chain Whip
The 9 section chain whip also is made in hebei, chrome plate cold roll steel, except it is slightly heavier.  This chain whip is good for the more advanced.

Overall length 58.5”, handle length 4.25”, links 4.25”, tip section 4.75”. Weight 1.55 lbs

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