Long Quan Tai Chi Dao

Traditional Long Chuan Tai Chi Dao * The Real Deal !!!

Product Description: 

* Forges, by the Shen family smiths from combat (high carbon content) steel.

The Shen family Long Chuan Master Sword were praised as national treasure in China by the people of the highest social class.

Its taper is much gentler than the more martial variety and has no flare. Two fullers extend down the blade, one nearly the entire way and one only a fraction of the length.

Approximate Weight (with scabbard): 3.51 lb. Approximate Weight (without scabbard): 2,25 lb. Approximate Handle Length: 7 1/8 in. (9 in. including pommel ring) Semi-flexible.

The first third of the blade (the shoulder) is thicker than the rest for strength in parrying.

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