Chinese Weapons 12 Animals Xingyi Sword

Chinese Weapons 12 Animals Xingyi Sword


This unique Xingyi form is for short blade weapons. It is practiced with either a double-edged straight sword (ian) or a single-edged curved sword (dao), with slight variations to accommodate the different weapons. The jian form can be practiced with either one-handed or two-handed jian.

The dao form can use a conventional dao or the rare dadao. 5 Element Xingyi Sword is the first form. 12 Animals Xingyi Sword is the second form.

Xingyi Sword is demonstrated by Master Helen Liang and Master Tony Chen (assisted by Zhao Haitao). Each master takes turns showing the variations between jian and dao. Together, these masters break down all the movements into easy-to-learn lessons and basic line drills (Xingyi linking sequences), as well as reveal the applications for combat.