Combat Steel Broadsword

* Combat Steel Broadsword


Our Newest Combat Steel Broadsword is constructed of hand-forged high-carbon steel. 

Combat  steel broadsword with wooden scabbard-this is our heavy weight broadsword, it's extra weight will help you to make your forearm stronger and powerful.

Great Swords for most kung fu pratitioners in many styles. wooden scabbard and two colors tassel come with it.

The handle is made of Chinese maple, with the fittings constructed of brass.  The blade is unsharpened.  This is a solid, combat-worthy hand-forged blade.

Approximate Weight (sword):

30 in. - 2.55 lbs.

32 in. - 2.70 lbs.

Approximate Balance Points:

30" Blade: 7" from hilt

32" Blade: 7.5" from hilt