Competition Long Quan Straight sword

Competition Long Quan Straight- sword - Temp. OUT OF STOCK


* This Competition Long Quan Straight sword has a hollow ground spring steel blade. The greater portion of the blade is rigid with the tip having moderate flex.

The blades balancing point is approximately 1 in. from guard making this one of the best balanced straight swords.  Engraved on one side of the blade is the Chinese character of the sword maker and the yin yang symbol with the other side of the seven stars.  

The scabbard is rich dark brown with a corded wrapped grip.  The fittings, guard and pummel are of solid brass. This straightsword comes with a deluxe red tassel and carrying case.

The Competition Long Quan Straightsword is great for Tai Chi, everyday practice, competition and performances.

Blade Unsharpened

Blade Lengths Available For Purchase : 28", 30", 31", 33"

Approximate Weights: 1.35 lbs, 1.45 lbs, 1.5 lbs, 1.6 lbs (weights can vary with each sword)

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