Double Hook Swords & Dao Carrying Bag

Double Hook Swords Carrying Bag(s) * Also Perfect for Broadsword & Hook Swords and Straight swords and 2 Piece Kwan Dao

Description: Great For Both Double Hook Swords & 2 Piece Kwan Dao

* The Black Bag is an High quality weapon bag with separate compartments, two accessory pouches on the front of the bag, and shoulder strap on the back. 

Comes in Black Color. 

Two Sizes:

* Size 44 in. x 8"x1"  Length 44", Width 8" and Depth:1" this size great for 2 pieces Kwan Dao and Pudao. 

* Size 40 in. x 8"x1"  Length 40", Width 8" and Depth:1" this size great for double hook sword.

Two accessory pouches size: 

One small accessory pouch is 11 inches in length by 4.5 inches wide, and is great for holding your chain whip, rope dart, fan, daggers, or other small weapon.The other accessory pouch is 15 inches in length by 4.5 inches wide. 


The Blue Bag is features a small front pocket, and adjustable shoulder strap.

* Perfect for Broadsword & Straight swords Plus a small front pocket for your Fans etc.

  • Bag length -  41 or 43 inches
  • Width at top - 8 inch
  • Width at bottom 5.5 inch

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