Kung fu Chain Whip

* Kung fu Chain Whip * Over 6 different sizes

* Kung fu Chain Whip 

Light weight wushu and heavy weight chain whips for traditional martial artists.
Light weight chain whips are great for wushu and contemporary styles. Heavy chain whips are preferred for traditional styles
Note: the handle and pointed tip are considered sections.

Proper fitting chain whip should almost touch the ground when held in the middle of the chest or just below shoulder level.

The Chain Whip is classified as a soft weapon, one which is jointed or easily bent. Most soft weapons are used as secondary weapons and employed only when the main weapon is disabled or lost. Because of their flexibility, they are easily hidden, commonly fastened to the back, the waist, or the arm and do not interfere with mobility during combat. Soft weapons are typically used for disabling an adversary. Although they may not have the killing potential and the efficiency of other weapons, they can be deadly when striking at sensitive areas and cause internal injuries

* Over 7 different sizes

Sections Total Length Weight
 9 sections 41 inch 5 oz
10 sections 47 inch 7 oz
11 sections 51 inch 7.5 oz
12 sections 56.5 inch 8 oz 
13 sections 60.5 inch 8.5 oz
11 sections-Heavy 56 inch 1 lb
13 sections-Heavy 63.5 inch 1 lb 5 oz
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