Kung fu Dragon Fan Kit

Kung fu Steel Dragon Fan Combo. Great for Competitions

Kung fu Dragon Fan  Kit

*  (Great for Competitions)

Description:  Get the package, Stainless Steel Blade Fightning Fan & The Choy Lay Fut Dragon Fan DVD video.

Fighting Fans are constructed with steel spines covered in a durable nylon fabric with the twin dragon design. Steel Kung Fu Fighting Fans, when folded can be used to club and jab, similar to a small baton.

This type of Fighting Fan is a famous kung fu weapon made to be effective fighting tool. Available in Red or Black.


The Dragon Fan of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu is an advanced traditional form that contains many easy-to-use self-defense techniques.

This video presents the form at regular speed and in slow motion with explanations, as well as fighting techniques using the Dragon Fan.

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