Kung fu Flying (Dart) Weight

Kung fu Flying (Dart) Weight

This weapon of the Shaolin Monk was designed to be used from a distance. Distance is preferable as a good defense and for secret attacks. Flexible weapons belong to the group that require the highest amount of control and skill to use them effectively.

* It is also the group of weapons least trained and least understood.

Measures 140 in., Weight 14 oz. Great for daily training and performance.

The Flying Weight is classified as a soft weapon, one which is jointed or easily bent. Most soft weapons are used as secondary weapons and employed only when the main weapon is disabled or lost. Because of their flexibility, they are easily hidden, commonly fastened to the back, the waist, or the arm and do not interfere with mobility during combat. Soft weapons are typically used for disabling an adversary. Although they may not have the killing potential and the efficiency of other weapons, they can be deadly when striking at sensitive areas and cause internal injuries.

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