Kung fu Top V-Collar Neck

Southern Style Kung fu Top -V Neck (Sleeveless) * Awesome Tops


The Kung Fu Top V-Collar/Neck in Poly/Cotton w/Sleeveless -with V-neck styled collar

The V-neck styled collared sleeveless top is great because many find it uncomfortable to practice wearing a traditional styled collar. 

This Kung Fu Top can be washed using machine and is highly wrinkle-resistant, and worn daily for Kung Fu practice sessions.

This Kung Fu Tope comes in sleeveless and is comfortable to wear in hot climates.

You have the freedom to choose from black, white, green, red, blue and gold colors.

It ihas interlocking style buttons and comes in black, blue, green, gold, red and white colors.

The button color would be similar to the color of the body.


Kung Fu Uniform Size Chart
00-Kid Sm. 65 lbs 4'4"
0- Kid -Med 80 lbs 4'6"
1- Kid-Lg. 95 lbs 4'9"
2-Kid X-Lg. 115 lbs 5'2"
3-Small 125 lbs 5'5"
4-Med 150 lbs 5'7"
5-Large 175 lbs 5'9"
6-X-Large 195 lbs 6'0"
7-2X-Large 225 lbs 6'2"
8-3X-Large 260 lbs 6'5"