Lightweight Nandao

Lightweight Nandao - Southern Broadsword

Product Description:

The Southern answer to the Northern Broadsword is the nandao, with a straight blade and an s-shaped guard plus pommel ring, this southern sword is very different in appearance to its northern counterpart. 

* This design is optimal for the powerful movements and techniques of southern style kungfu. 

* Possesses a quick and light steel blade perfect for China’s newest Wushu compulsory, with a fabric-wrapped grip. 

* A must have for the southern practitioner!   

* Available in 27 in. and 29 in. blades, semi-flexible.  Scabbard included (


27 in. blade length weight approximately 1.3 lbs. with scabbard 2.1 lbs.

29 in. blade length, overall 36 5/8", weight approximately1.45 lbs. with scabbard 2.25 lbs.