Miao Dao -Circular Guard Sword

Miao Dao Tai chi Sword is a Circular Guard Sword

Miao Dao -Circular Guard Sword:

* This sword is very similar to the Tai Chi dao, but it is much larger.

* Miao is both a remote location in China and an Ethnic group of people known for their exotic weapons.

* The blade on this sword is made of cold-rolled, chrome plated steel. 

* It is crafted with a spine to increase it's rigidity.  The fittings are constructed of brass, with a circular, cupped hilt and lacquered wood handle and scabbard.

* Approx. Blade Length:  40 in;  Handle 15 in., Approx. Total Length:  56 1/2 in. -Approx. Weight:  2.5 lbs.