Miao Dao (Spring Steel)

Miao Dao (Spring Steel) w/ Carrying Case * Awesome-(Beautiful Sword)

Product Description: 

The Miao Dao (Spring Steel) handle and scabbard are made of a rich brown pear blossom wood with polished solid brass fittings.

The blade is high carbon corrosion resistant steel with a rounded spine making the blade light yet stiff.

The Miao Dao blade is not sharpened but can be sharpened to hold a live edge.

The length for the blade only is 39 in., the length for the handle is 15 in. the total length is 54 in. (almost 5 ft tall)

* It is a Very well Balanced sword.

 a canvas carrying case comes with it .

The Miao Dao in Chinese characters. Miao is one the 72 tribes of China developed for it in the early 20th century by the Central Military Academy in northern China, and some schools of pigua and xingyi train with the weapon as well.