Miao Dao Stainless Steel

Miao Dao Stainless Steel

Product Description:

This sword is also know as "Chang Dao" (Long saber), "Shuang Shou Dao" (two-handed saber), "sprout saber."

While the Miao Dao is a recent weapon, Miao Dao were used by some Chinese troops during the second Sino-Japanese War.

While the Miao Dao is rarely practiced in modern Chinese martial arts, there was a form developed for it in the early 20th century by the Central Military Academy in northern China, and some schools of pigua and xingyi train with the weapon as well.

The blade on this sword is made of cold-rolled, chrome plated steel.  It is crafted with a spine to increase it's rigidity.  The fittings are constructed of brass, with a circular, cupped hilt and laquered wood handle and scabbard.

Blade Length Overall Length
Sword Weight Sword + Scabbard Weight
 38 inch  53.5 inch 1.5 lbs  2.6 lbs
 40 inch  56.2 inch 1.6 lbs  2.8 lbs

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