Moon and Sun Speared Swords

Moon and Sun Speared Swords

Product Description:

The Moon and Sun Speared Swords_ Stainless Steel 

These Exotic conventional Doble daggers and knives are used mostly in one of two grips: the “saber” grip (with the point upward) and the “ice pick” grip (with the point downward).

They are very stiff chrome steel Sun & Moon Spear Swords allow their wielder to use the techniques of both styles of knife-play.

The second distinctive feature of the Sun & Moon swords is their crescent-shaped hand guards, which are common among Chinese double weapons, and these are made unique by their three cutting blades that can also be utilized in the trapping of a blocked weapon.

They catch the opponent’s blade between them with a small twist of the wrist and hold it for just a moment… which is all that is necessary to allow for an instant counter-attack with the second Sun & Moon sword.

Approximately 22 in. overall/1.6 lbs. each

* Price for a Pair.