Okinawan Warrior Bo Staff

Okinawan Warrior Bo Staff * The Warrior Bo is a better Bo Staff

Product Description:  *** TEMP. OUT OF STOCK ***

It is both oval in shape, so that it fits better in your hands, and tapered from 1 in. to 5/8 in. for speed and fluidity.

* This bo is made of white ash and is stained a red mahogany color.

* There is no varathane on the bo which helps the bo from slipping thru your hands.

* The ends are rounded to prevent splintering. Created by by Mennonites, each bo is custom crafted by hand since there is no modern machinery that can make a bo staff that is both tapered and oval at the same time.

* This is an exact copy of an old Okinawa Bo that has never been available in the USA until now.

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