Premium Stainless Steel Chain Whip

Premium Stainless Steel Chain Whip

Product Description:

This heavy duty chain whip is made up of 10 sections of cold rolled steel, with a mild brass tint.

Its 5 1/2 in. long handle is made of leather wrapped steel and is thick for the adult's hand. Its durable and made to last, and its something you will trust for combat.

The front section is 4 5/8 in. and shaped like a rope dart, and every linking section is 4 in. long.

It's well balanced from the handle to the front end, with sections of consistent size and weight, making it easy to handle.

Overall length:

Front Section Length:

Section Length:

Handle Length:

Weights: 1 Lbs, 1.5 Lbs, or 2.13 lbs

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