Proud of Snow Straight Sword- Red Groove pattern

Proud of Snow Straight Sword- Red Groove pattern

Collection series swords are presented by HanDing Martial Arts and LongQuan Shen Family sword smiths. 

This sword is individually hand crafted, forged by traditional Chinese sword artisans, and has high collection value.

Water wave pattern steel--bai lian hua wen gang (百炼花纹钢)
History of the bai lian hua wen gang forging technique:
In ancient China this type of blade was also called "hua tie" (花铁) or "wen tie" (文铁), flower iron or wave mark iron. Polishing the steel shows distinct patterns appearing like water wave, cloud, wood grain, or jasmine flower. The oldest record of this sword technique goes back to the Han Dynasty, it was also used during the Tang, Song, Ming, and Quing Dynasties. During the West Jin Dynasty the writer Fu Xuan(傅玄) in his book Zheng Du Fu(正都赋) documents use of the bai lian hua wen gang sword making technique. During the Song Dynasty Song Shen Kuo's (宋沈括) book Meng Xi Bi Tan (梦溪笔谈) also says the “fish scale" (鱼肠剑) and the “redwood mark" (松文剑) swords are all made by bai lian hua wen gang.”

To create the pattern on the blade takes a high level of skill and technique. The master sword smith works with great attention to craft each sword. Special attention is one the temperature of the forge to create specific conditions. A sword blade can be folded up to eight times, creating 768 layers. These blades are folded to 384 layers, which provides the best balance of “ren xing" (韧性) a combination of “spring” and strength, and is best quality for showing the blade design. The special technique requires the master smith hammering the blade with a small hammer to guide the work, at the same time as an assistant hammers the blade with a large hammer. If the conditions are not perfect the layers of the metal will fail to merge and the sword will be discarded.

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This beautiful Broadsword features antique brass fittings. The blade is forged by the bai lian hua wen gang (百炼花纹钢) "water wave pattern steel” technique. Ebony wood (hei tan 黑檀)handle and scabbard.

*Sword Blade Lenght: 22.8 inch (Sharpened Blade)
*Total Sword Length: 30.8 inch
*Sword Weight: 2lbs. 5 oz
*Sword and Scabbard Weight: 3 lbs 10.8 oz