Shaolin Monk Spade-Stainless Steel

Shaolin Monk Spade-Stainless Steel- 2 pieces

* This Monk Spade ( 2 pieces) is a famous weapon of Shaolin Temple.

Due to its fan-like shape, the Monk Spade performed ably as a shovel for digging, hence its name.

* This is a high quality weapon for the true traditional martial artists.

* The shovel is completely made of stainless steel, with rings at the bottom of the shovel.

* The shaft also metal painted a deep earth color, and features a red "horse hair" tassel at each end.

  • Shovel size - 10.8 in. wide
  • Overall length - 78 inch
  • Total weight - 5.7 lbs
    • Great for daily training and easier carry fit with shorter space. 2 pieces carrying length around 41 inches.