Spring Arm Wing Chun dual sided Dummy

Spring Arm Wing Chun dual sided Dummy (Vector Stand)- Awesome !!!

Product Description: 

Spring Arm Wing Chun dual sided Dummy

is ideal when room space is limited and you do not want to mount to your wall. This stand with a standard 60” PVC Dummy will accommodate users of average height of 5’10”. For users taller or shorter then 5’10” we can either make you a taller or shorter dummy trunk to proportion your height better.  All of our PVC Dummies will work on all of our dummy stands including dummy stands for our wooden dummies.   

 This dummy has 2 configurations of arms on front and back and is revisable. On line side you have the 3 padded spring arms in the traditional Wing Chun positions and spacing. On the back side you have a long 18" arm which is located directly on centerline high line and below is the  middle standard 12" long spring arm. The long arm is ideal for bridging at a more realistic distance and allows for more forward advancing footwork  once bridge contact is made. 

VECTOR  STAND : 34”X 32”X 7”

WEIGHT : 65 lbs. 


Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5" .
Space Between mid arm and leg = 11" .

Space between the but of the two upper arms = 9"