Tai Chi Raw Silk Uniform -Short Sleeves

Tai Chi Raw Silk Uniform with short Sleeves * Perfect attire for everyday practice sessions, Demos and Performances.


* These Tai Chi /Wushu Uniforms are made from 100% Raw Silk.   Silk simply defines the elegance of this uniform by breathing well and giving the wearer a professional outlook.

* This is the perfect attire for everyday practice sessions and provides a degree of comfort to the wearer.

* If you are seeking elegance along with substance, This is it ....

* This uniform is cut and finish and smooth,  making it easier to conduct fast movements without any hassles.

* this clothing is extremely flexible and can certainly facilitate your movements in Tai Chi or Wushu (Kung fu).

* Also, this type of clothing is famous for its breathability

* Masters in China use these type of material for comfort and flow.

* Try it and Look and feel like the Masters .