Tai Chi Spring Steel Sword

Tai Chi Spring Steel (Long Quan) Sword * Excellent sword

Tai Chi Spring Steel Sword (Well Balanced Straight Sword)

Great Sword for all Stlyes.

* It's handle and blade are longer than regular straight sword.

The blade is made of middle weight steel-spring steel, it is not too heavy like COMBAT STEEL.

* It's Not a light Weight sword like WUSHU -This is a Medium STEEL Weight

The balancing point is about 2 inches form the hand guard. Scabbard and handle are made of high quality wood. red tasselle comes with it.

It is made by the most famous sword maker-SHENG GUAN LONG in Long Quan, China.

There are 7 sizes for you to choose the size that fits you perfect.

A Blue sword carrying case comes with it.

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