Tai Chi Uniform - Raw Silk

Tai Chi Silk Uniform -100%

 Tai Chi 100% Raw Silk Uniforms that breathes well and always looks professional and has been popular for centuries

* This uniform will keep you looking elegant and honor the traditional. The uniform is cut for the smooth, flowing movements exemplified by Tai Chi and Wushu disciplines

* Available in black, Natural White, Red, Blue or Dark Gray. 

* Available in Trim and buttons Black, White, Red, Blue, Geen or Gold. 

*  Buttons: Frog Buttons Only.      

Silk Kung Fu Uniform
Size Weight Height
XS 65 lbs. 4'4"
S 95 lbs. 4'9"
M 125 lbs. 5'5"
L 175 lbs. 5'9"
XL 225 lbs. 6'2"