Tang Soo Do the Way of the Warrior

Tang Soo Do the Way of the Warrior Book

Description : In this book gives the reader a complete understanding of the 2,000 year old Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. This book is filled with philosophy, technology, terminology and the theory of the art.

The way of the Warrior is a very important concept in the study of Tang Soo Do. To understand that almost 2,000 years ago on the southern beaches of Korea, a group of Hwa Rang Warriors planted the seed of Tang Soo Do. They incorporated the five point code of Honor which taught them to have an attitude to overcome all odds and obstacles. They developed the strength of mind to never give up or to never retreat in battle. They preached strength of mind and strength of spirit. For seven years these warriors trained intensely with extreme dedication and determination. They became strong from within. They believed in themselves and in their strengths.

Our battles may not be the same as the Hwa Rang Warriors but we are confronted with battles each day of our lives. We must be strong, positive and never retreat in facing them. We are the modern day Warriors of Tang Soo Do. Face your troubles and learn to overcome them with strength and with a total positive mind.-187pgs