The Tai Chi Coin Sword

* The Tai Chi Coin Sword stands among the Shen Guang Long family forge's premium line of hand-forged jian.

Blade: The blade is hand-forged Damascus steel, with a striking pattern clearly visible along the blade.

The steel used is high-carbon steel, making it suitable for combat usage or cutting. It is full-tang and made specifically for the fittings used, making a strong and sturdy bond.

There is a seven-star Little Dipper constellation engraved on one side and "Shen Guang Long" engraved on the other. The sword is shipped fully sharpened.

Scabbard and Fittings: The scabbard and handle are made from aged Ebony, making them both very strong and aesthetically pleasing with a very dark, almost black wood color. The fittings on both the sword and the scabbard are made of solid brass.

Measurements are respective to stated blade lengths.

  • Approximate Blade Length: 34"
  • Approximate Total Length: 43"
  • Approximate Weights (Sword Only):2 lbs.(2.05)
  • Approximate Total Weight (Sword and Scabbard): 3lbs(3.35).