Traditional Broadsword Pear Blossom w/ Scabbard

* A truly Beautiful Sword * Traditional Broadsword Pear Wood w/ Scabbard

Product Description:   (ONLY THE 32 in. IS AVAILABLE)

Traditional Broadsword Pear Blossom w/ Scabbard (Medium to Firm Blade)

 This sword is specially hand forged with sturdy forged steel and made from Long Quan.

Traditional Single broadsword, part of the LONG QUAN swords or the Dragon Well weapons.

* Made from a highly respected Sheng Guang Long in Long Chuan city.

It Satisfies All Competition Standards for Traditional and Tai chi & Kung fu events.

* This sword is strong, excellent balance, lightweight and great handling.

* The blade of this sword is firm, it does not bend when stood on its tip. 

*  Trimmed with high quality Pear Wood. Includes flag, Pear Wood scabbards as shown

* Available blade Length:  32 in.


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