Traditional Broadsword with Pear Wood Scabbard

Traditional Broadsword with Pear Wood Scabbard Rate *** An Awesome Sword

Product Description:   *** Awesome Blade

Traditional single broadsword, part of the LONG QUAN swords or the Dragon Well weapons.

Made from a highly respected Sheng Guang Long in Long Chuan city.
this broadsword is a grade beyond the regular Long Chuan weapons.

The steel for the blades is much higher quality as we have had a higher grade of steel (high carbon content) delivered to the maker.
The blade of this sword is firm, it does not bend when stood on its tip Satisfies competition standards for tradtitional and tai chi events.

Trimmed with high quality Pear Wood. Includes flag, Pear Wood scabbards as shown.

Available in 6 sizes!

Sword itself weighs approx 2.3 lbs.