Traditional Pear Wood Broadsword

Traditional Pear Wood Broadsword - Heavy Metal

* A very Awesome Broadsword and Classy Sword.

The SanHuang Huali Wood Broadsword is a Traditional Broadsword with a firm blade (Non-Bendable) made from high carbon steel.

This sword is designed for the true traditional martial artist.Trimmed with high quality pear wood.

This sword is great for tai chi and traditional kung fu.

* It has Great balance and the handle is carved very nice for a nice grip and great for chopping action.

Includes flag, scabbards as shown

* This broadsword wood is exceptionally good and the brass fittings are really Awesome.

* The blade is unsharpened.

Traditional Pear Wood Broadsword  Approx. Wt. 2.2 lbs- 2.4  lbs.

Total weight including the scabbard approximately 3.5 lbs.

* Available in 4 Sizes

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