Traditional Long Chuan Broadsword

* This is a High Quality Broadsword (Medium Flex)

Traditional Single Long Chuan Broadsword

* Made from a highly Shen respected family in Long Chuan village, this broadsword is a grade beyond the regular Long Chuan weapons.

The steel for the blades is much higher quality as we have had a higher grade of steel (high carbon content) delivered to the maker.

The blade itself has a moderate flex, good balance, and a good feel. Includes scabbard.

The Shen family's swords have been known to have the best quality and skill for hundreds of years.

The blade of this sword is medium firm, it does not bend when stood on its tip, but has a slight flex for dynamic sound on thrusting actions.

* Available Lengths  Blades - (28 in.  30 in., 34 in.) -  Weight 1.2 - 1.4 lbs.