Two Section Staff -White wax wood

Two Section Staff aka The Sweeper Long Tip Staff *** OUT OF STOCK ***

Two Section Staff - Two section staff    *** OUT OF STOCK ***

Made of white wax wood tapered, connected by swivel chain as shown

The Sweeper Long Tip Staff is One of the basic flexible weapons in the Kung Fu armory, the two-section staff is one of the most difficult and versatile weapons within the Chinese Martial Arts. More prevalent in Northern Systems, the three-section staff can be used as both a close-quarters weapon, a trapping weapon and as a long-range flexible whip-like weapon.

The legend behind the development of the two-section staff begins when Chao Hong-Yin, before he became the first Emperor of the Sung Dynasty (960 CE). A shaolin trained martial artist, he was known throughout Northern China for his expertise as a bodyguard.

Once while guarding a royal client, they were attacked by bandits, and Chao leapt to defend his charge. His mighty blow against the first bandit’s head broke his staff.

The long section is approximately 64" in length; the short section (flail) is approximately 19 in. in length. The overall length (fully extended) is approx. 86 in..

Approximate Weight: 2.45 lbs

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