Wing Chun Butterfly Knifes- Unbreakable Swords

Wing Chun Butterfly Knifes- Unbreakable Swords * Awesome Training Knives

Product Description:

  • Made From Polypropylene - Known To be a Unbreakable Material
  • Total Length : 17.5 Inches
  • Ideal Replica of the Real Version
  • Great for Training And Self Defence Technique
  • Safe to practice knifes technique
  • Dimensions:

    Handle Length: 5.5 inches

    Blade Length: 12 inches

    Blade Material: Made from hard plastic, it is designed to take heavy abuse against other

    practice weapons.

    This training butterfly knife is made of Polypropylene, it is safe for any partner. it's size,weight

    and shape are as the same as a real butterfly, it is to train and practice