Wushu Pudao (Horse Knife) Kwan Dao

Wushu (Pudao) Kwan Dao

Pudao -Horse Knife (Kwan Dao)

Made of Wushu Spring Steel, for light and fast performance.

The Pudao is a member of the long weapons family and is usually held in two hands.

* Originally an infantry weapon has been adopted into the martial arts and its use in the hands of a skilled practitioner is spectacular.

* This weapon is also known as a horse-cutter sword, since it was used to slice the legs out from under the horse during battle.

The Wushu style Pudao's blade is made of chrome plated spring steel, light weight, very flexible & 
durable with 180 degree bending variance.

  • Weight -  2 lbs 9 oz
  • Blade length - 21 inches
  • Available in 72 in and 76 in. Overall  length