Xing Yi five element sword-DVD

Xing Yi five element sword-DVD

Product Description:

Xing Yi five element sword-has the five kinds of sword techniques which predecessors of Xing Yi Quan select after simplifying a lot of sword techniques and which are the most primary, the most practical and can reflect the style and characteristics of Xing Yi the most, summerarize them on the principles of concision and practicality and on the mode os Chop(Pi), Snap(Beng), Drill(Zuan), Cannon(Pao) and Crosscut(Hing) in ifve element boxing(Wuxing Quan).

Movements of five element sword are simple and unsophisticated concise, practical and they emphasize on the strength and the skill. It is five element sword position compiled by making use of the footwork, power application and bodywork of Xing Yi Quan accroding to the theory of Xing Yi Quan and in combination of the characteristics of sword. All the movements are exercised individually. Sword techniques of every xing is divided into the right and the left. It can be exercised right and left without any deviation and revocation.

Linked sword is a dapper routine compiled on the basic of five element sword, according to the routies of five element linked boxing and in combiantion of the characteristics of sword techniques. It is spread much widely in the folk tradition and favored by people. Chinese audio / Vidoe with subtitles in English and Chinese.